WoW Monk

Yes!  The Monk is out!


Wow Monk is a  new class introduced in upcoming patch Mists of Pandaria to be released soon.   In accordance to the Lore, Monks were enslaved by Mogu and as slaves they could not use any weapons. So they started to focus on their inner power, the Chi and develop weaponless combat.  As many classes in Wow monks are hybrid class it could be a Healer, Tank or Melee DPS class.
Monk Healer -Mistweaver
Monk Heal drinks tea to get benefits and boost heals or restore mana. His healing spells have strong aoe and bouncing focus.  This spec also brings a lot of utility to the raid and has strong pvp abilities.  The healing sometimes is similar to one of  Discipline priests. It  includes a lot of non-targeted healing: Diablo III style orbs.

Monk TaEnergy and Chink – Brewmaster
Monk Tank has “Drunken Master”  combat style -Throw  keg of brew  with  Drunken Haze and your  enemies will  get drunk and there is a  chance they will  hit themselves.  Recoil, Shuffle and guard are avoidance abilities, they let wow monk Tank to avoid damage and divert damage from party members. There are abilities converting incoming burst into a kind of a Dots

Monk Melee DPS, Windwalker – Melee dpser, the spec that uses his feet and  fists for fight.
Cool skill, which lets the Monk to stack his critical chance – Muscle Memory. It stacks up to 100 times for half minute.
Another skill  Afterlife helps Windwalker create a Chi or Healing Shpere  anytime they finish an enemy that grants XP or honor.  Windwalkers can do burst dps with their finisher chains.

Energy: Brewmaster and Windwalker, Mana: Mistweaver
Chi: Monks can have up to 4 Chi. (~Rogue’s combo points). Openers build the Chi, Finishers consume it.

Wow Monk Stances:
Stance of the Sturdy Ox,  Stance of the Fierce Tiger,  Stance of the Wise Serpent.

monk stances

Wow Monk wears leather armor, Windwalker and Brewmaster will want the same gear as Rogues and Feral Druids – Agility-based armor.  The Monk Healer  will need gear with  Intellect also worn by Restoration Druids and Moonkins.  Monk weapons  are  staves and  fists.  Currently   Windwalker  is focusing on fists and the tanking spec  on staves. Windwalkers  can also use one-handed maces, axes, and swords.  Monk Healer (Mistweaver) uses int staves, maces, axes, and swords. Monks can’t use shields, and no melee class uses ranged weapons any longer.