Mistweaver Guide


Monk Mistweaver is a new healing class introduced in Mists of Pandaria. When creating the class Blizzard borrowed ideas from all existing healing specs.  What they did new – they added Chi into monk healer “rotation”.  It changed everything and made Mistweavers  very unique healers.

Chi in certain aspects is  similar to Rogue’s combo points or  Paladin’s Holy Power. Wow Monk’s abilities have a fixed Chi cost and heal Mistweaver target for a fixed amount of healing. Unlike mana, having more Chi  will not let you cast more healing spells. Monk restores his  Chi by dpsing  an enemy or by direct healing a friendly target.

Monk healers do not have Cataclysm standard spell set of of Fast Heal, Big and Expensive Heal and Poor Cheap Heal. (for example: Healing Surge – Greater Healing wave-Healing wave). Instead Mistweavers have Surging Mist – expensive and fast heal, Soothing Mist – cheap heal.

Monks do not have large and expensive heal.
Monk’s healing  rotation  is a combination of  Surging Mists  and  Soothing Mists to get the desired effect.

For example Mistweaver casts  Soothing MistsSoothing Mist, which  is a channelled heal, while channelling, Monk can cast his  fast healing spells Surging Mist – direct heals, Enveloping Mist – hots: while channelling Soothing Mists:  Surging Mist and Enveloping Mist are instant cast and do not interrupt Monk’s channelling.

Healing, Mana and Chi:

If Monk takes  Acsension Ascension Talent he has 5 Chi instead of 4 (similar to Rogue with 5 combo points):


So wow monk healer  has healing finishers, with similar mechanics to Rogue’s finishing moves, consuming Chi and producing powerful effects.


Monk Healer Finishers:
These are:
Enveloping Mist
http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/spell_arcane_arcanetorrent.gif Chi Burst
http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/ability_monk_thunderfocustea.gif Thunder Focus Tea
http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/ability_monk_chiwave.gif Chi Wave
zen sphere Zen Sphere:

Monk healer openers, the abilities, which build Chi
Jab Jab /Clobber/Slice/Sever/ – melee attackers, which build Chi.  Monk hits a melee target to  t 1 Chi.
Soothing MistsSoothing Mist– as mentioned above Mistveaver channelled, direct heal; each tick of which has a  chance of building one Chi.
EH Expel Harm – self-heal, an instant cast. It  damages a nearby enemies, generates one Chi, and triggers Vital Mists.
CJL Crackling Jade Lightning– a channelled spell, ranged DPS, 15% chance to gain 1 Chi per tick.
Surging Mist – Basic Misweaver opener, direct and  targeted heal. Generates 1 Chi.
SCK Spinning Crane Kick – a modest, 5 target AOE heal. Generates 1 Chi.
http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/tiny/ability_monk_renewingmists.gif Renewing Mists – Monk healer aoe  HoT. Generates 1 Chi.


The difference from combo point style of  hypothetical “healing rogue” is that wow monk healer has mana instead of energy. Surging Mist, Soothing MistsSoothing Mist, and other core healing spells consume mana. So Mana management for Monk healer is extremely important. Monk healing combines situational awareness and utilizing combo points in a rogue style while managing limited mana pool. This has yet to be balanced both in PvE and PvP to make the class truly viable.

Will be continued and updated.

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