Windwalker Guide

Wow monk: Windwalker

Windwalker Monk is melee dps class. It uses two types of resources Energy and Chi.
Monk is similar to Rogue with its Energy and Combo Points, Monk’s finishers  consume Chi the same way Rogue’s finishers consume combo points.

Wow Monk builds his Chi through using  Jab Jab  and other Windwalker  abilities:

WoW Monk Guide:  Openers
Jab Jab
CJL Crackling Jade Lightning
Afterlife Afterlife
Chi Brew Chi Brew
SCK Spinning Crane Kick
EH Expel Harm

For wow monk Jab is a kind of Rouge’s Sinister Strike ability, it has no CD and consumes 40 energy.

Windwalkers  also have Aoe abilities:
FoF Fists of Fury CD=25 sec, 3 Chi
dragonkick Flying Serpent Kick,  CD= 25 sec
craneckick Spinning Crane Kick

WoW Monk Guide:  Finishers
TP Tiger Palm cheap finisher,  brings self buff to ignore enemy’s armour, no cooldown
BK Blackout Kick  wow Monk’s version of rogue’s Backstab, with self healing option. no CD, can proc  Dot  for 4 sec on enemy,  it deals +20% damage from behind, (CP Combat Conditioning)… or heals the monk if this ability was used in front of the target
RSK Rising Sun Kick   The finisher that debuffs enemy for 15 seconds to recieve  10% increased damage from windwalker.
FOF Fists of Fury

other important Windwalker DPS abilities, ( possible dps monk rotation fillers).
BTB Brewing: Tigereye Brew  – stacking self buff, stacks up to 10 times
POB Path of Blossoms  hunter style “trap”
cjl Crackling Jade Lightning  knock back and Chi regeneration
SFB Spinning Fire Blossom  melee damage and ranged root all in one

Windwalker Mastery
Combo breaker Combo Breaker:   This is proc based passive ability, when the monk uses Jab, there is a chance to proc either or both of  rdhk Combo Breaker: Blackout Kick, or/ and  Combo breaker Combo Breaker: Tiger Palm so these finishers become free of cost.

WoW Monk Guide: Windwalker pvp Burst damage
Windwalker burst damage comes from finisher chains, mastery procs and proper cooldown usage.  For example:
Blackout( combo breaker Combo Breaker: Blackout Kick->Rising Sun Kick Rising Sun Kick ->Tiger Palm Tiger Palm (Combo breaker Combo Breaker: Tiger Palm)->Tiger Palm->Tiger Palm->Chi Brew->Tiger Palm->Jab->Blackout->Rising Sun->Tiger Palm
This is a windwalker burst chain with 9 finishers, all landed within 11 seconds.

WoW Monk Guide: Windwalker Rotation
Windwalker pve rotation is yet unknown,  any pve rotation is basically the most effective dps sequence, but monk class itself and monk abilities are still rapidly evolving and subject to change. However it is safe to assume that monk pve rotation will be built on utilizing certain key monk abilities, watching procs, cooldowns and managing Chi.
So Windwalker pve rotation could look like:

1)  Rising Sun Kick Rising Sun Kick   use this monk ability to  debuff  the target up for 15 sec
2) Use tigereye brew Tigereye Brew  if there are 10 stacks
3) Combo breaker Combo Breaker using the procs: Tiger Palm or/and Blackout
4)  Use BK Blackout Kick to consume Chi
5)  Use Jab Jab to build Chi
6) Use FOF Flying Serpent Kick if there is no energy

WoW Monk Guide:  Buffs
Monks will bring to the raid these buffs:
Legacy of the emperior Legacy of the Emperor
Legacy of the white tiger Legacy of the White Tiger

WoW Monk Guide: Interrupts, CC, Survival and Utility spells
These are other Monk spells utility, survival, great pvp abilities and interrupts
Adaptation Adaptation
Sparring Sparring front parry stacking buff
afterlife Afterlife
Touch of Karma Touch of Karma
swift reflexes Swift Reflexes
zpr Zen Pilgrimage: Return
TT Transcendence: Transfer
Transcendence Transcendence  – monk’s version of demonic circle
provoke Provoke
CJL Crackling Jade Lightning knockback and chi regeneration
zen meditation Zen Meditation
Fortifying brew Fortifying Brew – Monk defensive CD
Paralysys Paralysis Monk CC, melee range ability, the duration is doubled from behind
roll Roll  Monk version of Blink
shs Spear Hand Strike   This is coolest pvp interrupt, look at the tooltip!
resuicitate Resuscitate  10 sec cast res
Graple weapon Grapple Weapon  Monk’s disarm
Disable Disable  root and snare
Healing sphere Healing Sphere

WoW Monk Guide: Windwalker Talents

It is too early to have proven monk cookie cutter pvp or pve builds,  the following  selection of windwalker talents could be one of the options for pve

Windwalker talents 1

windwalker talents 2

Tier 1: momentum Momentum vs  celerity Celerity .  In a raid setting (as well is in pvp) Momentum could be the most useful

Tier 2: zen sphere Zen Sphere:  Zen sphere at this moment is  extremely OP,  I would expect the nerfs  (yes Monk is OP as it is now, let’s hope Blizzard will let us enjoy monk overpowerness  and will nerf the class later as it was with DK  xD).

Tier 3: Acsension Ascension   power strike Power Strikes   Power Strikes is  great talent for windwalker monks,   you can use the 3 chi you get for FOF Fists of Fury. Ascension is  for having  larger resource pool – good for fights with a lot of movements and broken rotation cycles. The decision on which talent of both to go for depends on how the boss fights will be designed and implemented.

Tier 4: Leg sweep Leg Sweep Seems to be the best option.

Tier 5: healing elixirs Healing Elixirs  Since drinking teas or brews are pretty common, this talent seems like a most useful option.

Tier 6: Xuen Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger   At this moment it looks like a must have option for single target PvE damage. ( for PVP Chi torpedo Chi Torpedo looks sick and OP.)


WoW Monk Guide: Gems
In Mists of Pandaria stats on gems are changed: stamina:  0.75 the amount of a secondary stats; other secondary stats:  double the amount of primary stats. At this moment stats weights are not yet researched and known. This table shows possible winwalker game choices.

+80 Agility +160 Expertise +160 Haste +160 Mastery +160 Critical Strike +160 Hit
+80 Agility pdpg Perfect Delicate Pandarian Garnet
+160 Expertise ppdg Perfect Precise Pandarian Garnet
+160 Haste Perfect Deft Tiger Opal Perfect Deft Tiger Opal Perfect Wicked Tiger Opal Perfect Wicked Tiger Opal Perfect Quick SunstonePerfect Quick Sunstone
+160 Mastery Perfect Adept Tiger OpalPerfect Adept Tiger Opal Perfect Keen Tiger Opal Perfect Keen Tiger Opal Perfect Fractured Sunstone Perfect Fractured Sunstone
+160 Critical Strike Perfect Deadly Tiger Opal Perfect Deadly Tiger Opal Perfect Crafty Tiger Opal Perfect Crafty Tiger Opal Perfect Smooth Sunstone Perfect Smooth Sunstone
+160 Hit Perfect Glinting Roguestone Perfect Glinting Roguestone Perfect Accurate Roguestone Perfect Accurate Roguestone Perfect Lightning Alexandrite Perfect Lightning Alexandrite Perfect Sensei's Alexandrite Perfect Sensei’s Alexandrite Perfect Piercing Alexandrite Perfect Piercing Alexandrite Perfect Rigid Lapis Lazuli Perfect Rigid Lapis Lazuli


Wow Monk Guide:  Windwalker Enchants
There is no head enchants in Mists of Pandaria. Head enchants are gone! Windwalker enchants are listed below:
Shoulder:  Greater Tiger Claw Inscription Greater Tiger Claw Inscription, Inscription:  Greater Tiger Claw Inscription Secret Tiger Claw Inscription
Chest:  Greater Tiger Claw Inscription Glorious Stats
Back: Superior Critical Strike Superior Critical StrikeAccuracy Accuracy, Tailoring: Swordguard Embroidery Swordguard Embroidery (in fact +8000 AP proc)
Wrist:  Greater Agility Greater AgilityMastery Mastery, Blacksmithing: Socket Bracer Socket Bracer, Leatherworking:  Fur Lining - Agility Fur Lining – Agility
Hands: Greater Haste Greater Haste, Superior Expertise Superior Expertise, Superior Mastery Superior Mastery; Blacksmithing  Socket Gloves Socket Gloves, Engineering:  Synapse Synapse Springs  +490 agi on avarage
Legs: Synapse Shadowleather Leg Armor, Leatherworking: Primal Leg Reinforcements Primal Leg Reinforcements
Waist: Living Steel Buckle Living Steel Buckle
Feet:   Greater Haste Greater HasteGreater Precision Greater Precision, Blurred Speed Blurred Speed or Pandaren's Step Pandaren’s Step
Rings,  Enchanting: Greater Agility Greater Agility
Weapons: Dancing Steel Dancing Steel, Windsong Windsong or Elemental Force Elemental Force

WoW Monk Guide:  Windwalker Professions
As you see from above Engineering provides + 490 average agility buff,  and huge burst
Tailoring provides random burst +8000 Ap proc, which could be nice at the beginning of expansion however it  will not scale as gear and stats improve
Leatherworking  provides 330 extra agility

WoW Monk Guide:  Windwalker Glyphs
glyph Glyph of Touch of Deathglyph of touch Glyph of Touch of Karma , bok Glyph of Blackout Kick

Monk leveling gear:
Heirloom gear recommended for Levelling the monk
Shadowcraft gear: Stained Shadowcraft CapSpaulders, Stained Shadowcraft Tunic, Inherited Cape of the Black Baron
Ring: Dread Pirate Ring
Trinkets:  Swift Hand of Justice x2

2 Venerable Mass of McGowan1 Venerable Dal’Rend’s Sacred Charge (Main Hand) + 1 Venerable Mass of McGowan
2 Battleworn Thrash Blade (so so)

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